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New Jersey
Install & Repair

Intact Roof Chimney Repair

Looking for a Chimney INSTALLATION OR REPAIR?


New Jersey Chimney Specialist

Expert chimney restoration and repair, including ensuring the chimney and fireplace are structurally sound and safe, takes skill and understanding. 

Intact Roof, specializes in chimney and restoration & repair in New Jersey.


We are renowned as the highest quality brick, stone, and concrete contractor in New Jersey.


5 Signs You Need Repair

of your Chimney.

Mortar joints that are damaged

You might have to get up on top of your roof to get a good view of the mortar joints, but if there are any cracks then moisture can get in and wreak havoc on your chimney which could lead to its collapse.

Rust or other signs of moisture

If there is any excess water in your chimney or flu-network then your chimney isn't operating as it should and this could endanger your chimney and the rest of your fireplace.

Cracked bricks or concrete

Make note of any cracks that you haven't seen before on the chimney or its crown. Make sure to tell our New Jersey chimney repair experts about anything that's new or different.

Too Much Smoke

If your flue is open and you're still getting too much smoke, you might need to replace a liner and don't use your chimney until the excess smoke is gone.

Bugs or animals in the home

Shingle roofs are extremely cost-effective in the short- and long-runs. Their installation and repairs are fairly reasonable, and they last for up to 20 years, so you don’t need frequent maintenance.

Chimney Services


The chimney is possibly the most important component of a wood-burning appliance. Whether adding a new masonry chimney to your home or installing a chimney for a factory-built fireplace, several details are essential, with regard to safety, proper operation, and construction.


Repair Work

Keep your chimney in excellent condition with our range of chimney repair, maintenance, installation and construction services. A functional chimney helps maintain indoor temperature at comfortable levels, keeping your family and guests warm during the winter. It also prevents your fireplace from becoming a fire and health hazard.



They come on time very courteous and great work Great customer service and cleaned up very well after yourselves.

— Ruthann S.


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